The Gnutti Cirillo Group has been one of the cornerstones of industry in the Brescia area since the 1950s with activities that are deeply-rooted in the region: a Group of companies covering the whole technical-productive supply chain, able to transform raw material into finished products. A perfect mix of Tradition, Professionalism, Quality, Technology and Know-how in order to offer the very best service every day. The Gnutti Group springs from the development and growth of Gnutti Cirillo S.p.A.


Gnutti Cirillo S.p.A.

Gnutti Cirillo S.p.A. is the parent company, founded in 1951 by Cirillo Gnutti as a mechanical engineering firm building tools and dies, it is now the world leader in hot forging and machining of brass and other non-ferrous metals.
Gnutti Cirillo S.p.A. has compiled impressive technical expertise, enabling it to meet all requirements. The company is self-sufficient throughout its entire production chain, from design to completely in-house construction of tooling and equipment, from hot forging of brass to machining, surface treatments and automatic assembly up to the packaging of the finished product. Everything is customised to the customer’s specifications.
Alongside its historical location in Lumezzane (Brescia) in 2000 Gnutti Cirillo S.p.A. opened its new plant in Odolo (Brescia).

MFT – Metal Forming Technology

The process of internationalisation of the Group has proceeded over the years thanks to the establishment of Metal Forming Technology Inc. Located in the state of Michigan (USA) MFT has achieved high levels of efficiency in the production of hot forged and machined brass articles according to the customer’s specifications. At the same time the company offers logistic and customer care services on behalf of Gnutti Cirillo S.p.A. to the North American and Canadian markets.


Tiemme Raccorderie

Tiemme Raccorderie was established in the 1980s as a production and marketing company for brass fittings, valves and pipes.
It joined the Gnutti Group in 1994, when the company underwent a radical change.
The new millennium saw a further phase of growth and evolution for the company through the development of integrated systems in the hvac sector.

In 2012 the innovative thermal engineering laboratory Tiemme Labwas established in the headquarter of Castegnato (Bs).
Horizons were internationalized with the foundation of subsidiaries in Spain, Greece and Romania to meet the needs of a wider and more demanding market.


EMC Component

EMC Component is a company founded in 2011, specialized in designing, manufacturing and trading accessories for power and distribution transformers.

International style of Made in Italy
The Gnutti Group has created an extensive network for marketing its own products ensuring a far-reaching presence not only in Italy but all over the world: an international reality operating successfully in Europe and exporting to more than 80 countries across the five continents.
The Gnutti Group companies are strongly linked to their own hinterlands where they perform the whole manufacturing process in their own factories thanks to 600 people who constitute an essential growth factor for the Group with their experience and know-how.