For the Gnutti Cirillo Group, the motivation, enhancement and knowledge of our collaborators are the real competitive advantage of the Company.
For this reason we believe that personal and professional growth is a key point of our success.
With these premises in mind, we have created Gnutti Cirillo Industrial Academy so that the staff within our company can take advantage of a cutting-edge training offer and career paths structured by skills.



Building the future of the company through the enhancement of the people who work there and the consolidation of their professionalism.


  • Ensuring the sharing of corporate values
  • Adapt and develop the core competencies of the company and its employees
  • Developing and supporting processes of change and innovation
  • Accelerate and simplify the learning process
  • Provide a boost to innovation by encouraging the technical-professional exchange between employees
  • Promote professional continuity between the different generations by creating a common language that enhances our capabilities and our values
  • Provide practical tools to preserve and enhance the company's know-how
  • Ensure alignment of the entire production chain from design and hot forging to logistics, sales and after-sales
  • Supporting a sense of belonging to the Company
  • Attracting new talent
  • Spreading the visibility of the Gnutti Cirillo brand both internally and externally